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We offer free consultations to help understand your needs with packages starting at six hourly sessions.

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FAQs on the Coaching Process

Q: How do I start working with you?

A: You can contact me here or send me an email to We start with a 30 min call for us to introduce each other. I share the coaching process and we discover how this can help you move forward positively from where you are to your desired future state.

Q: Do you work with individuals or companies?

A: Both. I coach at an individual and/or team level. Individuals can be direct clients or employees of a company which is the client.

Q: Do you do Life Coaching?

A: Life is holistic. Your job and career are part of this life. When we discover your path forward in your professional space, your life and its choices will play a role. We will discover your journey with the whole of you in mind.

Q: Is your coaching practice location specific?

A: No. I coach globally and all sessions are conducted virtually. We will find a time that works for both of us.

Q: How many sessions should I sign up for?

A: We start with a minimum of 6 sessions, 55 minutes each (3-month program). The average range my clients are signed up for is 15-18 sessions over a period of 6-9 months (2-3 sessions/month). We also offer a monthly subscription (minimum 1 year term) to help you through all challenges as they come up. Uncovering root causes and creating habitual changes takes time. A consistent, structured process increases that long term effects. The same way your body needs practice and perseverance to run a marathon, your mind needs the same to be at its peak.

Q: How often should I have the sessions?

A: This depends on your goals and urgency. Most of my clients and I meet every 2 weeks for 55-85 minutes per session.

Q: How will we connect for the coaching sessions?

A: We conduct all our individual and team coaching via video conferencing (zoom, google meet, etc). We can conduct larger team facilitation for assessments (DiSC or Five Behaviors) virtually or in-person.

Q: Can I have multiple topics and goals for my coaching series or sessions?

A: Yes. We will work together to prioritize so that we can create awareness and a path forward for the most important ones first.

Q: Who decides what we will discuss in each session?

A: Coaching is 100% client driven. You own what you want to talk about. I will help focus the conversation to what is most important to you. I will partner and guide you towards your goals for each session with actionable outcomes.

Q: Will you tell me what to do?

A: In short, no. I will partner with you and be the catalyst to help you move forward. If you create your own path, you will be more likely to walk on it and stay on it.

Q: How will we measure success?

A: We will work during the onboarding to determine these measures of success based on the overarching coaching goals. We will agree on when to have regular check-ins during the coaching series. We will have goals for each sessions and do check-in during the session too.

Q: Do I need to get an assessment?

A: It is not necessary but recommended to create self-awareness in a neutral and safe space. We are authorized partners and certified to conduct the full suite of Everything DiSC® products . Everything DiSC® is a personal development learning experience that measures an individual’s preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC® model.

Q: How does Team Coaching work?

A: A team is defined as a cohort, working together regularly, towards the same set of goals. The process is similar to individual coaching: the team sets their topics for the coaching series and the discussion per session. I facilitate and coach the conversation towards the agreed goals and measures of success.

Q: What is the best size of a team for coaching?

A: A team is 2 or more individuals. For team coaching we recommend 10 individuals or less in a coaching cohort.

Q: Can my whole team take an assessment?

A: Yes, and it is recommended. Everything DiSC® connects people on a human level to deliver “A-ha!” moments that transform workplaces from talented individuals into collaborative, thriving cultures. Each participant will receive personalized insights as well as best practices to communicate and work with others.

Q: What other options are there for team development?

A: The Five Behaviors (powered by Everything DiSC®) is based on New York Times best-selling author Patrick Lencioni’s groundbreaking model for developing cohesive teams through five key behaviors: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. We are authorized partners and certified to conduct team assessments and facilitations.

Q: What happens when our sessions are over?

A: Coaching is a positive stepping stone to your journey to self-awareness, which is a lifelong endeavor. After your set of sessions, you be able to get to the future that you set. This will open many other possibilities for you. We will be here to help you when you are ready for the next big jump. (Over 50% of our clients return for their next phase in their journey).