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Success Stories and Journeys of Our Clients

Manisha was incredibly helpful in the work that we did together. Her ability to hold an objective position, act as a mirror into which you- the coachee looks- and guide you to your own answers is impressive.

She helped me solve a long-standing issue that I had at my workplace. I appreciated her structured approach to each session, which meant that by the end of each call, I would have resolution to whatever I needed to address that day.

Thanks Manisha!

Project Lead, Health Technology @ Global Good

My sessions with Manisha were invaluable in helping me clarify to myself my short and long-term career goals, what they included and equally important, what they exclude, and why. She gave me the confidence to believe I could get there and challenged me to continue developing and achieving personal benchmarks that have been incredibly helpful in keeping the vision and the road ahead clear and attainable. As a result, I've been more self-assured and have been getting tapped to lead projects that I surely would have been less confident to lead 6 months ago. Ultimately, what I got out of my sessions was the ability to ask myself tough questions and develop strategies for implementing steps to achieving my goals.

Project Lead @ PATH

Manisha has extensive people management experience, which enables her to learn my personality quickly and coach me to discover my blind spots efficiently. It makes her an exceptional executive coach. Our sessions helped me both professionally and personally. As a female executive, I often have to make difficult decisions at work, in life, or between work and life. These executive coaching sessions with Manisha hold me accountable to think and take action on these difficult decisions. Her caring, warm, methodological coaching style builds trust easily and makes these sessions even more fruitful!

Product Executive @ Facebook

Sessions with Manisha are incredibly self-discovering and empowering. Through guided self-discovery, my sessions teach me to realize the thematically connected nature of the challenges I face in my day-to-day career, and most importantly, that I have the power to overcome them… not superficially, but at their root. Careers are long, and markable achievements (like promotions) are discrete and relatively far between. Sessions with Manisha help me bridge the gap and let me see my continuous growth more objectively which in turns help me unlock the structured goal setting needed to advance my career.

Data Science Director @ Wayfair

I had the pleasure and opportunity to have Manisha as coach as I start on a journey of growth through self-awareness. From very early stages, Manisha's creative framework of coaching empowered me to look within in subtle fashion and make me discover a new potential one step at a time. Arrays of possibilities begin to flourish, and hidden opportunities begin to uncover naturally once I present my challenge and let Manisha peel off at each layer attentively and precisely. Given Manisha's crafted skills in coaching and deep industry experience, clear and actionable next steps towards ultimate goals are guaranteed. These help me experiment and practice self-awareness with an open mind and bravely seek feedback to digest and make adjustments on this continuous process. I enjoy how Manisha's confidence permeates through and fosters a positive experience in each session. I highly recommend Manisha as the catalyst towards the new better you.

Manager @ Avolin

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