Coaching the Individual and the Collective

Increasing the Awareness and Emotional Intelligence for the Individual and Team

In our work and life we are all made of ideas, goals and visions that we define and aspire for ourselves. As an executive or a leader looking to improve performance, our goals have dependencies that are connected to our surroundings and people. Coaching has similar benefits of creating awareness for individuals and the team. The definition of a team varies in our everyday language and practice so for simplicity let's define it as the members that are in the ecosystem of the individual(s) that share common goals and support each other. The coaching process that enhances awareness can be used for the self and their cohort. Awareness allows you to listen to yourself, improve the conversation with yourself, reduce the conflict within you, and clarify the direction you want to go. For a team, this approach similarly benefits the collective.

Inscape has coached several leadership teams, and Stephen R. Covey states our learning elegantly, "Strength lies in differences, not in similarities". The mechanism to coach a team is to coach each individual and the team to facilitate a deeper understanding of these strengths & differences, increase trust and reduce conflict. The end purpose is to increase the Emotional Intelligence of the collective as they get more aware of themselves and start to understand the bigger role they can play in the team. Understanding the strengths, areas of development, vision, goals, motivators and stressors apply to the self and the group, and coaching can create the safe space for a profound understanding from both perspectives. Each finger has a unique purpose on its own and collectively makes a hand that can achieve more than the individual parts combined.

Customized coaching solutions could include self and feedback analysis through data. A data driven approach to understanding the self and team, backed by strong statistics, psychology and feedback helps to unlock the mind, improve understanding, and create better long term outcomes. Inscape Solutions covers two sources of data analysis, as needed, for all types of coaching:

  1. Assessments: as an Authorized Partner with Everything DISC and certified for assessments, we can effectively use this suite of assessments to develop and coach individuals and the teams. Individuals and teams can take Everything DiSC assessments to learn their style in the Workplace, their EQ, as Leaders, as Managers, Sales experts, and in Productive Conflict. Each of these teams can also learn about how they best engage with their teams to improve communication and achieve the remarkable goals they have set together. Furthermore, there are behaviors exhibited by highly successful teams defined by Patrick Lencioni in his best selling book "The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive team". Everything DiSC and Patrick Lencioni have partnered to create a holistic assessment solution combining the power and knowledge gained through DiSC and the understanding of these five behaviors.
  2. 360° Feedback: measures leadership competencies providing a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s leadership abilities. We can customize a 360° Feedback assessment to support core principles of your company or we combine the best of 360-degree feedback with the simplicity and power of DiSC® through Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders.