Message From the Founder

Our Commitment to You

Manisha Sharma Founder of Inscape Solutions

Manisha Sharma. Founder and CEO

Sawubona! I became aware of this beautiful ancient greeting of the Zulu tribe while growing up in southern Africa and it has stayed with me through my years of living in different parts of the world. Sawubona translates to “I see you”; All my attention is with you and I see you as you are and I acknowledge the whole of you without prejudice. This resonates with my driving philosophy that we are all, individually, whole. Each of us (the whole) is so much more than the sum of our achievements and stronger than the collection of our experiences. But, many times we need help realizing it. We benefit from someone giving us all their attention and seeing the whole of us. This is where the Inscape Team can help you achieve your unimaginable potential - help you find the best path to your big goals.

I have had the fortune of learning and developing with some of the best tools and processes while managing remarkable individuals for over 20 years. During this journey, using these methods and tools, I have had the pleasure of building powerful teams with strong leaders; mentoring and coaching them to achieve extraordinary corporate and individual goals. My passion and fundamental belief in the goodness of people has led to a path of coaching leaders and leadership teams in a variety of spaces, benefiting companies to build successful, coherent, and inclusive teams while retaining their top talent. Moreover, Inscape Foundations - the pro-bono arm of our company, was created to support Equality, Inclusiveness and Equity in our community. We pay forward to amazing individuals that will help change the world positively.

Ultimately, being coached and gaining self-awareness is a combination of science and art. The science of gathering data to objectively view oneself and the art of self-creation to be an effective and mindful leader or team member.

"The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it,
but that it is too low and we reach it." - Michelangelo

I founded Inscape Solutions and Inscape Foundations with some guiding principles:
We are all different, and so are our needs and goals. We will co-create with you, as an individual or team, to design tailored solutions that meet those goals that are most important.
We have strengths as individuals and as key players in teams. We will coach the Individual, the Team Player and the Team.
Change is not easy and takes time, patience, and persistence to develop. We believe that you are whole, always were and always will be. We will recognize the challenges you face with compassion and listen with empathy as we support your journey of discovering your whole self.
We need a confidential and safe space to foster trust and be vulnerable. We will maintain all ethics for confidentiality and create a respectful self-discovery environment. We will construct a safe space for us to work together where you can comfortably discuss all aspects that promote or deter your self-awareness.

"To listen fully means to pay close attention to what is being said beneath the words.
You listen not only to the 'music,' but to the essence of the person speaking.
You listen not only for what someone knows, but for what he or she is." - Peter Senge

Manisha Sharma is the Founder and CEO of Inscape Solutions & Consulting and Inscape Foundations. She has an Undergraduate and Masters in Materials Engineering from University of Cape Town and Auburn University, and Executive MBA sessions from Haas School of Business and Stanford University. Manisha has worked for Fortune 50 and 500 companies (Intel, Micron, Amazon, Wayfair) globally for over 20 years, building multi-billion-dollar tech and customer focused businesses, through which she defines her biggest success as the people and teams she partnered with to co-develop. Manisha has had many successes, but the best parts in her journey are her pivotal learning experiences - ask her about them! Manisha now spends a significant amount of her time focused on the passion of coaching, while still working on gaining self-awareness a little every day. This pursuit of development of self and others led her to become a Professional Coach and is an Authorized Partner for Everything DiSC®, gaining certifications/accreditations for facilitating the suite of products for DiSC® and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.

"Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many
times I fell down and got back up again." - Nelson Mandela